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San Francisco Gets LED Makeover
Information from: SOURCE : CNLEDW.COM 2011-6-2 Time:2011-6-2
Currently, San Francisco Water, Power and Sewer kick off a city-wide project late this year to install Led fixtures to replace 18,500 high-pressure sodium street light fixtures.

In contrast to the existing street lights, the new fixtures will use 50 percent less energy and will cost far less to maintain since they only have to be replaced every 15 - 20 years while the current bulbs have to be replaced every four years.

The swapping out of the Lighting fixtures is expected to take 30 minutes per street light with the whole project being completed in about 14 months.
In addition, the lights will have smart controllers that let the city remotely monitor and adjust their light level and alert maintenance crews when the lights fail or are about to fail.
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